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An Artistic Nature

Artistic Nature of Gerry's Guardian

Crimson Gallery
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About Me and Credits
blueeyedsuzie is the owner of crimson_gallery. This journal is of blueeyedsuzie icon's, banners, wallpapers, drawings, photographs. All works that are seen here unless stated otherwise is own by blueeyedsuzie.

Please credit all works, do not steal any of the items that are at this journal. All drawings are orginal and are owned by blueeyedsuzie please do not post the drawings anywhere on the internet without my agreement, or knowledge. I reserve the right to say yes or no as to where these drawings can be posted, put into a gallery, etc... A simple email asking if you can post it or use the drawings elseware would be good. And that's what I ask, I've put a lot of time in my drawings. Please respect my wishes.

Icons, Banners, Headers and Wallpapers etc... are to be credited to blueeyedsuzie. Please credit, and let me know if you'll be using any of them.

I will credit, if you see anything of your here and would like to give me a heads up because I am only human and may forget who owns what, just please send me a little note with detail info so I can put the correct or missing information here.

Icon Journals
I currently have one icon challenge journal currently up. This is the only icon challenge journal here at live journal for Sarah Brightman, take a look here brightman_still

spikesbint angelfish_icons thrushcross 100x100_brushes ch_photoshopped

reversescollide for the layout profile code

Stylesheet by refuted

dearest for flower bases 02

Icon Table Credit: Icon Table

-:- Affiliates -:-

angelfish_icons brightman_still brightman_lims phantomgerry

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide